What is Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a 100% natural approach to maximising health. Chiropractic aims to ensure that the brain and the body are communicating with each other without interference.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves and is the master control system of the entire body.

The brain sends and receives messages to and from the body allowing it to perform all its daily functions. The spine and scull are a protective mechanism designed to shield the body’s most vital organs – the brain and the spinal cord.  If the spinal bones, also known as vertebrae, are out of alignment it can create negative communication between the brain and the body and can lead to many forms of dysfunction. Spinal misalignments also known as subluxations (posterior joint dysfunction) may or may not cause pain but can affect the way in which the body functions. Misalignments are usually caused by stresses on the body.  The stresses are typically caused by physical, chemical or emotional stress.

Examples of stresses include:

  • Physical – a fall
  • Chemical – toxins or pollution
  • Emotional – personal or work stress

Chiropractic adjustments align the spine to optimise the flow of nerve messages between the brain and the body allowing for maximum health and wellbeing.


Benefits of Chiropractic

Chiropractic may help a large range of conditions. Even some that you may not expect!

Chiropractic has been proven to help with:

  • Cervicogenic headache (headache arising from the neck)
  • Joint pain including hip and knee pain
  • Muscle spasms
  • Acute and chronic backache (not arising from injury or accident)
  • Neck pain
  • Frozen shoulder, shoulder or elbow pain arising from associated musculoskeletal conditions related to the spine
  • Tension and ability to relax (through lifestyle advice)

Chiropractic may help with:

  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist problems
  • Hip, knee and ankle pain
  • Better overall function of muscles, organs and glands
  • Improved coordination and strength
  • Increased energy
  • Stronger immune system (less colds and flu)
  • Better posture
  • Less spinal degeneration

If there is something that has been bothering you or a family member, please contact us for more information as to whether chiropractic may help.


What is Remedial Massage

When muscles and tendons become damaged or impaired, knotted and tense or immobile, Remedial Massage provides a healing treatment that can be soft or firm, deep or shallow. Remedial massage treats the whole body and traces the discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause, helping fix both the cause of the problem as well as the symptoms.

Remedial Massage Technique

There are several specialised techniques to locate and repair damage and to support and speed up the body’s own repair mechanisms. The massage is applied directly to the skin using a lubricating medium, usually oil, which ensures that the muscles associated with the disorder and mobilisation of the joint are treated. Passive stretching moves are also used.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

The benefits of Remedial Massage include: stimulation to the blood supply allowing built up toxins in the muscles to be released; the calming of the peripheral nervous system to ease pain and discomfort; and the toning and relaxing of muscles to improve joint mobility. An improvement to the health of the cells, the repairing of tissues, and the easing of stiffness and tension can also be experienced through both Remedial and therapeutic relaxation massage.
Muscular and skeletal dysfunctions often addressed with Remedial Massage include Sports Injuries & tight muscles from training, Fibrositis, Spondylitis, Arthritis, frozen shoulder, muscular cramps, Whiplash & muscular atrophy. Treatments usually take between 30 minutes and 1hour, depending on the whether the practitioner will just address a specific area or treat the whole body.

Relaxation Massage

This massage is solely focussed on allowing the client to experience ultimate relaxation. The 1hour massage aims to take you away from the daily stressors and to completely relax the body, mind and soul in this massage you will experience the following:

  • Pressure that is intensely deep, but not painful
  • Occasional use of essential oils to enhance the environment and the general effect of the massage.

Smooth gliding strokes in which are flowing and rhythmic.


Benefits of Relaxation Massage

As with any massage you will likely experience the benefits for several days after your treatment, these are as follows:

  • Improvements to skin tone and complexion
  • Reduction in muscle tension and assists with muscle pressure headaches
  • Improvements to stress related issues.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage, also known as manual lymphatic massage, is a very gentle light pressured massage technique which is intended to encourage the natural flow of lymph. Lymph transports nutrients and oxygen to cells through the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system helps fight infections and is part of your immune system. it collects toxins and flushes them out through the lymph nodes.

One common use for lymphatic massage is the treatment of lymphedema resulting from the removal of lymph nodes. It has been reported to have many other benefits such as detoxification, relaxation and scar tissue healing.


Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

  • Skin Care
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Pregnancy
  • Headaches
  • Detox
  • Promotes Healing.


Reflexology is a non-intrusive alternative therapy based on the theory that different points of the feet correspond with different body organs and systems. When pressure is applied to these areas, it is believed to have a beneficial effect on that area of the body.  Reflexology can also be done on the hands, face and ears.

Reflexology is not used to diagnose or cure health disorders, although millions of people around the world use it to complement other treatments when addressing conditions.


Benefits of reflexology

  • Enhances energy levels
  • Toxin removal
  • Nervous system stimulation
  • Relief from Headaches and Migraines

Can assist in relief from cancer treatments, For example – Chemotherapy.

Our techniques

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